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Bomberman vs Digger (PC Download)
Bomberman vs Digger screenshotBomberman vs Digger screenshotBomberman vs Digger screenshot

Bomberman vs Digger (PC Download)

File size: 3 MB
Publisher: Dmitry Zakharov
Sold by: Regnow
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System requirements:

Pentium 233 MHz,
32 MB RAM,
SVGA video card,
4MB free hard drive space
Bomberman vs Digger - What do you get when you combine three classic oldies, spice it up with original game elements and mix in studio quality sound effects and engaging graphics? You get Bomberman vs Digger, brand new entertaining, sometimes puzzling, sometimes overwhelming but always a thrilling game from DivoGames. As you might have guessed from the name, this game is loosely based on the oldies that any die-hard gaming fan loves tenderly and unconditionally - Boulder Dash, Digger and Bomberman.

But this reincarnation of the holy trinity is not a dumb coping of the old classics - the game DJs from DivoGames created a new kind of remake - the one with huge explosions, shrewd robotic monsters and groovy bonuses. You start out with a digging machine and burrow your way to the diamonds. Having collected every piece, don't forget to destroy all the metal fiends you meet on your way to proceed to the next level.