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Little Bombers Returns (PC Download)
Little Bombers Returns screenshotLittle Bombers Returns screenshotLittle Bombers Returns screenshot

Little Bombers Returns (PC Download)

File size: 3 MB
Publisher: Alawar
Sold by: Regnow
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System requirements:

Pentium II 300 MHz,
32 MB RAM,
video card 4 MB
Little Bombers Returns is a game about adventures of little brave bombers, trapped in the dungeons of a mysterious castle. A way from the castle is very dangerous: to find exit from each level, your bombers will fight against evil creatures and eliminate brick walls that block their way. Every bomber has many little timer-bombs in his bottomless pockets, which he may install on a monster's way or to remove a brick out of the wall. As a bomb is installed, you must run very quickly from this site - bomb explosion can eliminate your character too! But don't be upset if you don't have enough time - your bomber has more then one life! And even losing the last life, you can use a level password to continue the game (but your current score will be lost). To exit from each level you should destroy all monsters on a level and find a blocked out door.